Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blanco Blanco Blanco


I will be the first to say I was dead wrong about what Blanco would do to the Fire when he arrived. I thought he would be a huge disruption and a disappointment. He has made this team into a fighting machine with a purpose. Some of his antics are still there but his leadership on and off the field have brought the team up a notch. Check out articles and videos of Blanco at

Speaking of the word Blanco, local boy Brad Guzan was named MLS Goalkeeper of the Year in just his third campaign. Check out the article at

The state playoffs continue on with the Class AA quarters tomorrow. Congratulations go out to Francis Parker High School as they took 4th place in the Class A tournament. You can find full coverage of the tournament and blog about soccer topics at

Last but not least, Soccer Post is having a 50% shoe sale going on right now. Pass on to those you think need new boots!

If you have any news or stories, please post or let me know and I will post them up on the blog.